Using Passbolt CE with Passbolt Desktop

Is it possible to use Passbolt Desktop and browser extension with Passbolt CE? Same question for Passbolt mobile? If this is possible, what do I need to do to accomplish this?


Browser extension, CLI, mobile, desktop app are just clients.

You need to configure your clients with an encrypted private key, and use a passphrase to unlock that private key. So you can even configure 10 browser profile. What you need in the end is a private key to setup your client.


Do I need to generate a private key? I don’t see anyway to connect my browser extension to my self-hosted Passbolt server.

If you don’t have a recovery-kit (which in fact is just a copy of your private encrypted private key) you can download one on a already configured browser extension.
Just go to the following url: https://<YOUR_PASSBOLT_URL>/app/settings/keys there is a button Private on top to download it.

Awesome, thanks.

I don’t know where to get the recovery-kit at.

You can get the recovery-kit from Profile > Keys Inspector > Download Private :wink:

Thanks, I appreciate all the help. Now I can get this installed and start using it.