Using passbolt docker with nginx

Hello everyone. Can anyone help me with nginx’s config so that I can use dockerized passbolt with it? It works well without using nginx. but I want to have other services on my server, so I tried using it with nginx.
I did map the ports and all in my docker-compose file, but I’m not so sure of the configurations I changed in server’s Nginx. Can anyone provide a sample please?

Hey @atefeh I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but there is an already dockerized version of passbolt running using nginx you can just pull it from docker hub docker pull passbolt/passbolt and also check the official repo:

I’m using the unofficial dockerized passbolt (the one at and it works fine without my server’s nginx . but I wanted to use it with the server’s nginx so that I can have other services on my nginx beside passbolt.

Maybe you are looking for a reverse proxy as shown here: