We're having issues accessing from our phone apps

Hello Team,

We’re having issues accessing from our phone apps. I attached screenshot here , please check and give me the solution


Hello @Raj , welcome to the forum.

Which iOS version are you using? Did this issue happened after you’ve updated to the latest version? Is the server reachable?

Could you share the output from the healthcheck? You can have it either from Administration > Passbolt API Status or through the CLI as explained here.

Hi Antony,

Right now we are using > 4.1.1 version, and Server running good, no issue.

Even if the server is working fine, sometimes there is some conflicts that we can identify with the healthcheck such as certificates issues etc. It look like the issue you are experiencing are similar to this issue, could you share the mobile logs? You can click on the question mark icon.

I have also a few questions for the context there.

  • Did the mobile application was working previously or is it a new mobile configuration?
  • Have you updated to the latest passbolt mobile version? We released a new mobile version last week.
  • We recently released Passbolt v4.6.0 is there any reasons for not updating to the latest version?

I’ll check and update you.

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Hello Antony, how are you?

Hello Antony,

Already I’m using passbolt application and configured aws instance, today i got email below

Thank you for subscribing to Passbolt Community Edition AMI.

We are writing to inform you that Passbolt has added a new version to Passbolt Community Edition AMI on AWS Marketplace. As an existing customer, your subscription to the product, any running instances and access to previous versions are unaffected. However, Passbolt does recommend you to update to the latest version, Passbolt Community Edition AMI/4.6.2-1

Please guid me