What ports does the mobile app use during setup?

While my phone is connected to our internal corporate network and I go to scan the QR code during setup, it takes a few minutes and ends up saying “passbolt.domain.com is not available/cannot be reached”. I suspect our firewall is blocking this because I switched to cellular and it worked fine.

What ports are the mobile app using to connect to the Passbolt server (both during setup and in normal operation), so I can whitelist them?

Edit: I used cellular to set it up and returned back to WiFi and the app won’t log me in so ports it’s using are being blocked and are something other than standard HTTP(S) ports.

Hi @swebervna,

Passbolt mobile app only uses HTTPS / 443. There might be some issues if your firewall doesn’t accept HTTP PUT operations however. We’ve seen this issue with other users. There is a fix on the way to switch these to POST requests but it’s not been published yet.



That’s probably it then, thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

Will the updated version be listed in the blog? I’m eager to get my staff started with Passbolt, but I’m currently waiting for HTTP requests to be POST instead of PUT, if that’s planned. :slight_smile: