When is the next release? (December update)

Maybe i missed it - but is there an announcement about when the next release will be published? We wait for tags before rollout for the whole company migrating hundreds of passwords.

Hi @kingfisher,

The next release will be V2-RC1 and available for testing by the end of the month. It will be available as a stable release in the course of January. We got some delays due to some unforeseen personal issues, but we’re back to normal now and working hard to catch up.

What’s happening right now:

  • We just finished a 3rd party code review of the server with CakeDC, and are implementing some of the recommended changes. You’d be please to know that no security issues were found.
  • We are updating our selenium testsuite making sure all the integration tests are working on our new infrastructure on Google Cloud Engine, and ironing the last few kinks.
  • We are working on the new help site that will be editable by everyone with a github account.
  • We are starting he specifications work for new features (export/import, tags, ldap and audit logs).
  • We will reach out the developers who wants to participate in the RC1 testing.
  • We are developing and testing a new AMI to allow people to easily install and run passbolt on AWS and co.

Thank you for your support and your patience.

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Thank you very much. Could you give me a hint where we can download V2-RC1?

It is not publicly available yet. We will make an announcement soon once the first round of testing is completed.