Where is the QR code for the Android app?

I’ve been trying to get the Android app (Version 1.1.0) set up on my Samsung Galaxy S20. The instructions say to scan the QR codes on the PC, and says they’re found on the Mobile section of the user profile. My problem is I can’t find the Mobile section of the profile. I’m obviously overlooking something important, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what. Any suggestions? I’m using Passbolt CE 3.4.0.

Hi :wave:

Mobile is not enabled yet by default, it will be soon. You will find instructions on how to enable it manually in this blog post: Passbolt mobile app is here.. Beta testers needed! | by Maxence Zanardo | Nov, 2021 | passbolt


Worked like a charm! Thanks, _jc!

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Great ! You’re welcome :slight_smile: