Why are domain names case sensitive for registration?

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Question: Why are domain names case sensitive when registering? Is this a feature? As far as I can tell domain names don’t tend to be case sensitive.

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Hello @GermaineNocturnal ,

Just to confirm, are you talking about email registration specifically ?

Indeed, I was referring to email registration.

Could you explain what you are trying to do (all detailed steps) and what are you expecting to happen?
To be fully transparent, if you are talking about the user email registration then it’s an app wide change and could be tricky. If you are talking about self-registration specifically then we can somehow think about it and do some changes.

Let’s say I registered using “germaine@Gmail.com” and I have “gmail.com” as one of the allowed domain names in my self registration panel, I’ll be told that that domain is not allowed. I’m supposing this extends to other letters of the domain (gMail,GmAil, etc. etc.). It can prove annoying to say the least, primarily due the great possibility of someone holding shift right after inputting the “@” character.

Thanks for pointing this out, we will be discussing this with our team. A ticket has been created (PB-25476), I will let you know once we’ve investigated this a little more.


You’re correct that domain names aren’t typically case-sensitive when it comes to registration. This is a user-friendly feature, making it easier for people to remember and type in domain names. While some web servers might interpret case differently, domain registrars usually treat uppercase and lowercase letters the same. So, feel free to use your preferred letter casing, but lowercase is often recommended for consistency and simplicity.

Thank you for bringing up this helpful point!

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Hey @GermaineNocturnal, this problem has been addressed. Since the release of v4.4.0 all email comparison will be done in case insensitive manner.

To change the behavior to make the comparison case sensitive, simply set PASSBOLT_SECURITY_USERNAME_CASE_SENSITIVE environment variable to true (or set passbolt.security.username.caseSensitive config to true in passbolt.php file).

Thanks again for bringing this up.

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