New Release: v4.4.0 ~ Zombie

Release date: November 7th, 2023

v4.4.0 ~ Zombie

:musical_note: Zombie :musical_note:

The latest version of Passbolt is here :rocket: The Passbolt Developers have been hard at work continuing to improve our Passbolt user experience. Check out the new amazing features and improvements.

Beta TOTP users are now able to manage TOTPs directly from the browser providing a TOTP experience across all your devices. You can now create, delete, organize and share TOTP just like any other resource type in Passbolt.

Administrators now have the ability to suspend/unsuspend users. This amazing new feature will offer administrators more control over access management in Passbolt. For example, you can now prevent access to the Passbolt instance for users on temporary leave, termination, or any company password user policies that needs to be enforce.

A number of fixes and enhancements have been implemented that will improve your user experience. Among them, notification emails are now aggregated in certain cases, including limiting emails when a user imports a large amount of passwords. Note

Please note that using older PHP versions will now trigger a Healthcheck warning. Support for PHP 7.4 and 8.0 will be discontinued soon. Admins are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 8.1 or higher and use the latest version of the Passbolt API.

Passbolt thanks you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the enhanced features and improvements in version 4.4.0 ~ Zombie.

:memo: Release Notes: Pro
:memo: Release Notes: CE

  • PRO
    :new: Additional SSO option
    :new: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

  • CE
    :new: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

  • Maintenance
    :hammer_and_wrench: :toolbox: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

  • Security
    :closed_lock_with_key: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

:heart: Thank you to all the Passbolt Developers for keeping our passwords safe :partying_face: :tada::heart: :

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Passbolt Information, FAQ and Help Notes

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TOTPs in the browser sound great!

Are there any problems with Firefox extension release? I see it’s the only browser that’s not on 4.4.0 yet.

No problem, reviews take longer on Mozilla & Edge stores.
Should be rolled out in the coming days.