New Release: v4.3.0 ~ No One Knows

Release date: September 26th 2023.

v4.3.0 ~ No One Knows

:musical_note: No One Knows :musical_note:

The latest version of Passbolt is here. This update extends the portability of TOTP (Time Based One Time Password) content. You can now access TOTP items from Passbolt’s web interface and mobile app. While the ability to create a TOTP is still limited to the mobile app. This update now lets you view TOTP through a browser adding flexibility and usability.

Improvements have also been made to the customization of the grid in the password workspace. This update makes edits to the grid persistent, meaning that changes will now be saved between sessions. To further improve overall usability, an optional column for TOTP has also been added.

Passbolt thanks you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the enhanced features and improvements in version 4.3.0 ~ No One Knows.

:memo: Release Notes: Pro
:memo: Release Notes: CE

  • PRO
    :new: Admins can now manage passphrase policies alongside their password policies.
    :new: Improvements to SQL query performance
    :new: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

  • CE
    :new: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

  • Maintenance
    :hammer_and_wrench: :toolbox: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

  • Security
    :closed_lock_with_key: Please check your version’s release notes for more details

:heart: Thank you to all the Passbolt Developers for keeping our passwords safe :partying_face: :tada::heart: :

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I’m using CE (docker) and upgraded to 4.3.0 version but I can’t find the UI section for feature
As an administrator I can disable users (experimental). I have checked the database and found disabled field has been created btw.

Hello @S0n98, maybe this is because it is experimental. You can try to enable it manually on your passbolt.php file.
You will need to add these lines in the corresponding section:

'plugins' => [
    'disableUser' => [
        'enabled' => true

Just a heads up that the UI was not shipped, the API can be enabled, by you won’t see anything to use it until the next release coming up next week.

Thanks guys for the clarification. Should be noted in the docs for curious users.

Indeed, we will add this information more clearly in the release notes next time. Thank you for noting it @S0n98 !