New Release: v4.5.0 ~ Summer is Ending

v4.5.0 ~ Summer is ending

Release date: February 8th, 2024.

:musical_note: Summer is Ending :musical_note:

Passbolt v4.5.0, named “Summer is Ending”, introduces exclusive features for Pro users, alongside enhancements available to everyone. These updates are geared towards empowering teams with even more control and flexibility over their password management practices.

At the heart of this release is the introduction of the Password Expiry feature, a much-anticipated functionality that allows administrators to enable the automatic expiry policy, enhancing security by ensuring that potentially passwords are rotated when someone loses access to resources, for example by leaving a group or the organization.

A standout feature of this release for Passbolt Pro Edition is the advanced Password Expiry settings. Administrators now have the ability to define comprehensive password expiry policies, ensuring that your team’s password hygiene is not just compliant with industry standards but also customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. This feature is complemented by the ability for users to mark passwords as expired and adjust expiry dates directly, providing both oversight and flexibility in managing sensitive information.

In addition to the Pro-exclusive features, this release brings shared enhancements with Passbolt CE, such as the inclusion of Russian language support, integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook for SMTP settings, and the activation of the desktop application feature by default for an improved user experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your feedback and contributions continue to shape Passbolt, enhancing our collective security and usability. Together, we’re making password management better for everyone.

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:heart: Thank you to all the Passbolt Developers for keeping our passwords safe :partying_face: :tada::heart:

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Just a thought, what is the purpose of enabling Password Expiry feature for the (CE) Community Edition when you cannot do anything about it? After enabling, theres no configuration available for us play/test with. How can the customers effectively evaluate the feasibility and capabilities of this feature? If its something of no value or importance in CE then better have it removed in CE.

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I am a CE user as well. The expiry policy should be working per the release notes. But I think it might be a Pro only feature. I am running an older version still and can not check. Could you please post your health-check. Someone from the Passbolt team will be able to assist.

I have found that the Passbolt team is very helpful. They really care about the free and the paid customers.

You can click the link below and start a free Passbolt Pro trial.

Hey @ngementiza the CE version does come with the password expiry feature but not the customization options that are included in PRO. Even without the PRO features this should still prove useful to CE users.

In the automatic workflow that is included in CE when a user loses access to a password either by removing their shared access or removing their account it will mark a password as expired if they accessed it. This way you’ll know which to rotate to maintain security.


I’m using the latest version of Passbolt, and I can’t set up the 365 mail sending.
I created a post on the forum :

But I don’t have the solution.
365 has been implemented in this version, could you help me, and if possible update your documentation.
Thank you very much, I love PASSBOLT.
Have a nice day.