Yubikey Configuration issue


Following up on the post

which is closed and I could not find how to reopen it, I wanted to mention that the fix mentionned in that post is not enough

There is also a client side check in passbolt.js


which would need to be changed to


However after doing this while I have been able to setup yubikey, when going to the user profile and trying to enter the OTP, I got an “An Internal Error Has Occurred” which I don’t know how to debug

  1. a-zA-Z0-9/= ↩︎

  2. a-zA-Z0-9/=+ ↩︎

I take back the “An Internal Error has Occured”. This was due to php-curl missing on the server side. This part is working now.

So only the passbolt.js needs an update to the client side rule


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