A resource Modified field should not be updated when sharing passwords

I am looking at a password it shows me
Created 2 years ago
Created by personx@COMPANY.com

so far so good, the person x I am referring to left our company a while ago. So now it gets interesting. I am the only one who has write access to the password. And I didn’t update the password. but when I look at the password it shows me:

So something is not working as intended with these fields.

Hi @pimzwager
Thanks for the report. This is weird indeed. Can you think of anything you did with this password which could have triggered this behavior?
We’ll investigate this asap. Let us know if you find a way to reproduce it in the meantime.

maybe someone viewed the password?

the password is shared (read) with a group for all employees. So I guess we added someone to that group, sharing the password with the new employee?

Hello @pimzwager,

We can reproduce it when we share a password, it’s not the expected behavior.
I’m adding a ticket to our backlog to fix this, thank you for your report.

Best regards

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