What are the differences between the sharing permissions options?

I haven’t been able to find any documentation regarding the differences in permissions you can give a user or group when sharing a password.

So far with trial and error, I have figured out:

  • Owner: Full Permissions - can be given to multiple people or groups
  • Can Update : Update, Edit and Delete Access - cannot share password
  • Can Read : Read Only Access

Is this accurate?

Also, why can the permission “can update” delete the password but not share it? Is that literally the only difference between “is owner” and “can update” ?

Hello @lancesandino,

Yes that’s accurate.

The reason update and delete rights are conflated it’s because if someone can update they can potentially edit a password to make it unsuable, which has the same effect to other users as deleting it.

What kind of rights would you prefer to see?

Thanks for the response!

I completely understand the reasoning.

I’d first suggest having this officially documented as I think the usability expectation is off. (at least for me since there was no documentation for me to base it off of, just past experience)

Ideally, I’d like to have the delete option removed from “can update”, but since I understand the reasoning behind it (and it just leaves teaching the end-user this) I’d also like in the future to maybe see the ability to edit roles and/or make custom roles.

To keep it simple, I’d be happy with: the entire deleted password encrypted in the “User deleted the password name_here” email that is sent when a password is deleted.