Accessing Passbolt from multiple PCs

I have just installed Passbolt but I seem to be unable to log into my passbolt instance from multiple PCs without recovering my account. Is this correct or am I missing something obvious??

Thanks and great work to all involved in this project it looks awesome!

Hi @rjkowalewski,

Even though I agree it is not the most obvious, using the account recovery is the way to go to setup passbolt on multiple machines. First you create your user and setup using machine number 1. With the key exported from machine number 1 you do an account recovery on machine number 2 (and 3…).

Out of curiosity, what did you expect instead of the current process? On the recovery page it is written “You can use the account recovery to install passbolt on a new machine (or if you reinstalled your browser, etc).” but maybe you looked somewhere else first? Thanks for the feedback.

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