Add colum in main menu

Hi everybody
I’m trying to add a new column in the main menu that report the description of a password.
In particular after the voice “modified” I would like to have a new column “description”

How can I do that ?
Looking in the forum I found this topic How to modify the top menu but in the file DisplayMainMenu.js I can’t find a way to add it.

Thanks For help

Hello @DeepOne , welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face:

We are currently working on it as we are looking to build a customizable grid to allow users to resize or reposition columns, we plan to release it in a near future.

As for the description, that is not something scheduled yet but when we’ll have a stable version from this grid, you are free to contribute to add this specific column. We’ll help you to start from the right direction. :wink: