Custom css theme


Since passbolt does not have many gui grid customization options I want to change the width of columns using custom css’es themes.

I try to create new dir with a copy of default css’es in /usr/share/php/passbolt/webroot/css/themes/
and append new a thumbnail to /usr/share/php/passbolt/webroot/img/
I can see now the new tile with my custom themes in passbolt settings, but it is impossible to choose this (nothing happened).

I think the passbolt addon is preventing from choosing a custom theme. Please let me know what steps I have to do next to achieve this customization.

Hi Dawid,

I think you are correct - this line in the extension code is looking for whitelisted theme names as a security measure. You could try renaming the midgar styling file as a backup and replace with your own of the same name. I have not tried this myself - just a hunch based on the code.

I have already tried this but it looks like the plugin is loading it’s version of CSS with higher priority that’s why I want to try a new template.

Hey @Dawid,

Indeed, the grid and all the interface where you see your passwords and users are served by the browser extension as well for the css files.
There will be some enhancements on the grid later this year, like resized the columns are show/hide.
Except for the width, what would you like to change?


The most important thing is column with the names of resources which is too narrow for our names convention.

Same thing with resource name on right sidebar with resource details but this is not that important.
Also We really would like to see list of tags of resources on the grid.
Last thing is left sidebar which is too wide.

In oldest version I was able to achieve most of those things by editing the CSS files on the server side. Now We have to click “edit” on resource to see the whole name what is incredibly annoying.