Android App - folder support


In our company we manage the passwords via Folders - we use it to store passwords for all of our customers and the paswords itself often have identical names for every customer. Only way we distinguish them is by placing them initially in the folder dedicated to the right customer.

In current state of the application it’s impossible to distinguish which password belongs to which customer as all the passwords are simply displayed in a list, without any information about the folder from which the password was taken.

Am I missing some setting that would enable folder view or it’s simply not implemented?

If it’s not in the app yet, then I have another question - is it planned in the near future? In current state the application is pretty much unusable in our use case.

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Hi Mateusz,

There is a feature request for this, as it is not implemented at the moment: As a mobile user I want to browse entries by folder / tags / groups

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Hi @remy,

Pretty happy with how the Folders work in the app at the moment :slight_smile:

Small question regarding it - is it possible to change the default view/filter in the application? Right now after first login it defaults to “All items” view - would be neat if it was possible to let user decide which filter to use as default (in my case it would definitely be the folder view).