Users have access to view passwords

New here, just couldn’t figure out one thing.
If we share a folder of passwords with any user, and they have access to view passwords, then where is privacy and security? We don’t want to let users view passwords shared with them?
Please clear my confusion here

Hi @Sheraz It seems you are thinking that users are not able to see a password that has been shared with them. This is not the case. They may be restricted from changing it, but any password that is shared is able to be viewed.

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Out of curiosity, what would be the use case where you want to share a password with another person but prevent them from seeing it? Seeing it would be equivalent to granting access to whatever the password unlocks.

The privacy and security of the app are with regards to preventing those to whom the password has not been shared from seeing it, even though it’s been distributed to others.

Maybe you are asking about whether the app somehow prevents people from sharing passwords with someone they should not? Like, they are given access to the password and then write it down and share it with someone else? If so, I would say this app is designed to be used with people you trust, and does not at all replace organizational policy that prohibits members from such activity.

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Thanks @garrett or your quick support. Actually we don’t want our employee to see the passwords, we just want to share them with relevant team only. We had bad experience with couple of our employees in past for password leakage for some of our IDs.

If by chance you have not seen the Pro folders features: Introducing the new “Folders” feature | by passbolt | passbolt | Medium

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