As a user I can browser passwords by folders, tags and groups on the mobile app

I’m just trying out passbolt on my Debian 11 VM at the moment and have configure the Android mobile app on a Android 10 Samsung Note 10 device. It linked up ok and I can see my passwords, but they are all in the one list and I have many passwords.

A nice feature would be if the folder structure was used on the mobile apps like the web app has.

Also the ability to add new passwords on the mobile would be handy.

Hello @map7,

The ability to add, edit and delete passwords, is coming in the next release for Android mobile app. It is currently in review on the store, so it should be out in a giffy.

Browsing by folders (and tags, groups) is on our roadmap for next year. You can see the wireframes under the section “5. workspace” in the figma file: Figma

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