Tags or folders to organize credentials

Hello fellas, i would like to suggest the possibility to create folders on left column
that i can insert my credentials and organize them, will be much more easy to find them.

they can be listed into vertical left menu, above Favorites, Owned by me, etc

: )

It is a pro feature since v2.13 Passbolt Help | In The Air Tonight

It seems the folders and MFA features will be backported to community soon: https://www.reddit.com/r/selfhosted/comments/zydxd2/comment/j282smx/

@AnatomicJC Would be nice to get a forum announcement. I guess you just provided it, thanks!

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Wait & see, I wonder when folders will be available in community edition :smiley:

Here is another reddit thread about folders in CE.

Passbolt team member here.
Folders with granular organisation and sharing is currently available in passbolt Pro version and will be made available in passbolt CE (the free self-hosted version) along with MFA in early Jan, so in 2 - 3 weeks time.
We’ll post an update in our reddit channel and in our community forum when it’s there.

Can’t wait for it!

But which January!? (I thought we didn’t do ETAs.)

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MFA in CE is coming this january, in fact most likely today :slight_smile:


I actually find the organization by groups very useful. They make possible to cross teams and projects efficiently. I don’t really feel the need for folders. Well, just my humble opinion of course :slight_smile:

Hello @Julrich ,
of course, with groups you are able to share the credentials accordingly.
But with folders you are able to organize the credentials in a more structured way for yourself (with the option to share the whole folder as well).

So, fast approching april and still no folders in CE?

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Just updated to 3.12.0 CE today and noticed the inclusion of folders. This has been a feature that I have been waiting for.

Thank you for getting this into the latest release.