Folders and tags for organizing passwords in CE?

Dear Colleagues,

I begin this text by apologizing, as I am Brazilian and do not have much knowledge of the English language.

I would like to know if there is any forecast for the arrival of organization resources (folders / tags) for the community version.

I will be very happy if someone can answer.


As discussed in other post there is no estimated date of arrival for these features in the CE at the moment. We are trying to maintain a balance between supporting the free (as in free beer and free software) version and the pro version (with some exclusives and support) in order to sustain the project on the long term. If these features are important to you and you want to support the project please consider purchasing a subscription. We provide discounts for other open source projects and non-profits organizations.

Thank you for your understanding,

Thanks for answering. Our organization is not for profit. However, we have a doubt. We would like the solution to be hosted on our own servers, just like the “community” version.

It is possible? And if so, will I have unlimited users, as in the community version?

I’m waiting for answers.

@henrique you can request a discount here: