As a logged in user I can organized my passwords using categories in the form of a folder tree

Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
Users, especially people from other passwords managers like keepass, that have a lot of passwords want to sort them together in other to access them quickly. Currently passbolt only allow searching entries with basic filters (like “favorited”), or user groups.

Q2 - Who is impacted?
People with a lot of passwords or that like to organize their passwords together.

Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?
It will be easier to find the required password. It will help keep users passwords list tidy, make sure there is only one entry for the same system, etc.

Q4 - What is your proposed solution? (optional)

Q5. Community support
33 Voters, 70% found it critical. Nobody objected.

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Hi! I think this issue partially answer to your suggestion.
For the categorization side, it is planned in the roadmap for end of 2018.



Since this just disappeared from the roadmap I am going to leave a +1 here. Is there a reason why it got removed? Or did it just fall off the end?

@Genae the idea is to have a look at how the tagging feature that will be released this month will be received and if see if it can used as a basis for a “folder tree” or if we need a separate category system. If it’s not working out it will be back on the menu, if not it will be part II of tags. It’s very clear that the tree structure is very much wanted ;).


I installed this system because I need to share a lot of passwords with groups but I realize that in fact it’s very limited :frowning:

If I have a lot of things to share with 3 groups of users it’s nearly impossilbe.
Let’s say each group has to manage different passwords and info about 200 clients, for each client different types of passwords (lets say admin url,hosting url…)

It become just impossible to easily have an order and share automatically all those data to groups.
I read somewhere that directories will be ready end of 2018… so i’ll leave this system.

I am disappointed because it’s something that anyone expect from a software that is ready to work with many users and group of users. A lot of users but no way to organize all those data…

This would be a great feature. Should be defenitely working side by side with tags. Tags are just a different workflow than folders. Both have its strengths but I’m pretty sure they could work side by side maybe a combination of both could give it an even more fine grained control where the folder would represent the context for the passwords, and only the tags of the passwords in that folder could be shown and used to filter the passwords of that folder. For edge cases folders or tags could be toggled/disabled in the users profile. Just ideas.

I think that it’s a discussion about habbits. Approximately the same, like compare Google’s meaning of emails, and classic approach.

Google mean that stream must be a single. And user can add tags (marks, etc) to the emails.
Classic approach means sorting emails by folders…

But one of these ways must be realized.
you’re not used to search your emails by a subject, aren’t you?

I’d like to have “Google-based” approach with passwords keeping: I like an infinite stream, but with tags, that I can use for searching, and filtering.