Announcing go-passbolt and go-passbolt-cli, a Go Library and a CLI tool to interact with Passbolt


due to need for automation of Passbolt at my Workplace i wrote a Library in Go (go-passbolt) to interact with the Passbolt API, over time more and more features were added. A few Weeks ago i got Permission to Opensource this Library under the MIT License. This Library has been in production for over a Year and can do anything from creating Resources, Sharing Folders to Updating Group Memberships. Basically anything one would want to automate is supported. Some of our customers use scripting so i developed go-passbolt-cli to allow for automation without needing to program a Go Application.

Today after a few weeks of cleanup, both go-passbolt and go-passbolt-cli are ready for public use.

You can download the CLI here.
The Library is a Normal Go module, installable using go get

The Library has a bunch of Examples in the README and the CLI Tool has Man Pages and a Github Wiki.

I hope this is useful to you, if you have any questions just ask.



Looks very helpful, I will give a try and let you know :+1:

Congratulation on the release, the tool looks very promising.
Thank you for your contribution @Speatzle