Announcing passbolt-api-rs, a pure Rust library for interacting with the Passbolt API

Hello everyone,

since we use Passbolt at our workplace and because I am a bit of a Rust enthusiast, I have decided to create a library for interacting with the Passbolt API, using pure Rust.

It is at the very beginning of development and only has some very basic methods, but in the future, I would like it to be strictly typed and for it to be a CLI tool as well.

It is not on yet, but it is going to be there soon.

I hope it is going to be useful to someone!


@jkubik congratulation on your project! :clap: It’s always great to see contributions such as this one and thank you for sharing the code under GPL.

Also like we did with the GO CLI by Samuel (GitHub - speatzle/go-passbolt-cli: A CLI tool to interact with Passbolt, a Open source Password Manager for Teams), let us know if you need help to organize a 3rd party security audit, once the project is more feature complete, if you’re up for it!

One small request, would be to add a disclaimer in the line of: Disclaimer: This is a community driven project and it is not associated with Passbolt SA., for clarity and to manage expectations.