As a user I can authorize another application to create passwords for me

Is there any way to add a new password for an user?

We have a internal software that sometimes creates passwords for users. This passwords are then only shown once to the user, and the user has to copy them. Some users obviously miss that, and this password is lost which is bad.

Is there a way currently to either:
Directly add the password to passbolt for the user (or shared with them but they are owner)
Create some special link that will add this password into the passbolt gui (browser addin) for them.

If not, are there any plans to add such a feature?

Who would directly add them? The other program?

Yes, the other program can reach the passbolt server and should then add it there. It also knows the username (=email address) of the current user in passbolt.

@josch this would require some form of authentication mechanism between the other app and passbolt, like when you allow another app to post for you on twitter or github. It’s not in the roadmap at the moment, but I could see why it would be useful.