As an Admin I would like to be able to store Credit Card Credentials, Secure Notes, FTP Logins, etc

Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
I own a Digital Agency and we have all sorts of credentials that we need to store such as Web Servers, Credit Cards, FTP’s , Customer Notes, Driver’s Licenses, Email Accounts, Databases, SSH Keys, Software licenses,etc. Lastpass offers this but I really want to move out from that company, their system is buggy, constantly hacked, and expensive.

Q2 - Who is impacted?

Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?
I think it’s important so we can have everything in one secure and safe place with a good organization and folder structure I believe it will make every user using Passbolt daily operations way easier

Q4 - What is your proposed solution? (optional)
By having something like this when creating a password:

or by allowing us to create additional fields at the time to add a new password.

We can also use the ability to create additional fields in the Administration area and have password templates; For example we can create a template for FTP details, that will have 2 text fields, 1 password and 1 number ( encrypted ) , IP, username, pass, port


I second this, it would be very useful for administrators to create new fields. Exactly those in @EUX post!

+1 from me
In our company we were also used to store all types of credentials in our password manager which was PassCamp for the last few years. They closed the doors which brought me to selfhost Passbolt and we love it. Giving us the possibilities to store secure notes, creditcards, server and db credentials would be huge.

Ahh, i’ve forgot one thing. Not only as an admin i’d love to be able to store such things but everybody, means also non-admin persons in my team have to be able to and utilitise such features more or less. The admin thing in the headline might be a bit irretating.

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I’m also very interesting to have the possibility to save other informations like credit cards, server adresses for example IP, comments, Bank information and other. It would be great to have the possibility to create templates by the admin with the relevant all information for different kinds of categories.

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Web Confidential for macOS has this feature, which the author characterises as “an intuitive, easy-to-use cardfile metaphor”. I used Web Confidential, before switching to KeePassX which offers only title, username, password, URL and description, and it’s one of the features I miss. Web Confidential offers a fixed set of card types, which was a limitation when dealing with data which has high variability, but even a fixed set of card types is better than one type of card. Based on experience with Web Confidential, I know this feature is useful.

Related to: As an administrator I can create new secret types and define their associated input fields.

the ones on the list are pretty much what i would suggest :+1:
must have feature (can’t switch from bitwarden to passbolt until this has been implemented without using two password managers)

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