Automatic scheduled CSV-import with duplicate detection or automatic purge


we are interested in using passbolt in our small business. I have been charged to evaluate the software.

I have a question for which I couldn’t find any answer in the documentation:

Is it possible to automatically do a scheduled import of a csv-file into passbolt? The reason behind this is that we are keeping some of our customers passwords in a CMDB-software which we use for documenting their it-infrastructure.
We want these passwords to stay there in order to have all data regarding a device/service in one place. But we would like to have them in a password manager as well for better convenience (fast search, browser integration, …)
Therefor we want to implement a scheduled export of all passwords inside the CMDB-Software and a scheduled import in passbolt as a one-way-sync.

For this to work properly it would also be necessary for passbolt not to treat updated entries as new entries. Or alternatively it should support a automatic purge of the database befor doing the automatic import.
Is one of the two alternatives supported?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Alexander :wave: and welcome to passbolt community forum :handshake:

You can schedule automatic imports with a script. You will have to write the logic (is it a new password ? an existing one who have to be updated ?). You can use go-passbolt-cli for this script.

Let me know if you have further questions.


@_jc thanks a lot for your helpful reply!

I will look into go-passbolt-cli.

I saw there is a command to delete folders. Couldn’t this solve the update-/duplicate-issue? Then we could first delete the folder with all subfolders and passwords from the CMDB-software in it and then create it again and do a clean import every time we run the import-script.

BTW we will be using passbolt to store other passwords in different folders as well. These will be migrated once and should not be touched by the automatic import.

Best regards