Bug fix: Sharing password send empty email notifications

the email users receive when I share a password with them is empty
shared a password with you
Oct 1, 2019, 11:44 AM

when the user goes to Passbolt the password does have a name


Hi @pimzwager,

Thanks for reporting your issue.

Please can you give details about the version of Passbolt you are using?

Also, please can you provide the details of your Email Notification Settings regarding the Email content visibility section?

And if you don’t mind, can you provide the name of the resource which was shared?
Does it happen for every resources you shared or specifically this one?


my settings

version is 2.11.0 / 2.11.1

I have seen it with multiple passwords that I share. I share them with a group that holds all users.
the name of the passwords:
VPN Radius Shared Secret

the name of the password does show in the email subject.

Date: Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 4:44 AM
Subject: Pim shared the password VPN Radius Shared Secret

Date: Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 5:58 AM
Subject: Pim shared the password EU

Hello @pimzwager,

Thank you for the feedback, we have not able to reproduce the bug so far.

We would need more information in order to investigate it:

  1. If you see the following message on the administration email notifications settings page:
Settings have been found in your database as well as in your passbolt.php (or environment variables). The settings displayed in the form below are the one stored in your database and have precedence over others.

Please provide us with the passbolt.email section of your config/passbolt.php file. It looks like:

   'passbolt' => [
       'email' => [
            'validate' => [
                'mx' => BOOLEAN
            'show' => [
                'comment' => BOOLEAN,
            'send' => [
                'comment' => [
                    'add' => BOOLEAN
  1. A complete screenshot of the administration email notifications settings page.

  2. The last content of logs/error.log file after reproducing the issue.

Best regards


We were able to reproduce your issue. We are working on a fix to resolve this issue.

We will keep you updated regarding this problem as soon as we have made the fix for it and that it has been released.



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