Cannot access Passbolt from another PC


I have installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 18.04.4 on VMWare , and without installing anything else, i have followed the installation instructions to get Passbolt to work.

As I don’t have any domain or SSL , i have chosen to disable this (for now) so that I can check/test and see if this can be used within my company.

It appears that everything works good so far. My only problem is that it appears that I cannot connect to the Ubuntu IP , via http://my.ip.address , although locally it works pretty good. I am not a linux guru, searched whether there is some sort of firewall on Ubuntu, but there is not.

Do i do something wrong? Maybe the system won’t allow me to access it from another device if there is no SSL ? I would like to do that (I know it’s not a good idea), for testing purposes though only.

Thank you.

Hi @george1977, I’m assuming the 2nd computer is in the same network as the Ubuntu server. By default two computers would see each other based on their IP addresses. For example: and are both in the 192.168.2.x network. I’m oversimplifying this, obviously, but check your addresses to see if they are in the same network.

Corporate routing rules sometimes prevent seeing into a different network. What happens when you try http://my.ip.address?

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