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I Have a big questión…

I have the passbolt version installed on a Centos 7, recently I updated to the version: “v2.10.0 - Owner of a Lonely Heart” And I am realizing that when I recover an account from a user or admin, with the key private works, but if for reasons “x” you lose your password by default, there is no option to change it for a new one and to be able to login with the private key, is this possible?

Plz need help!

Unfortunately it is not possible to reset your private key passphrase if you do not remember the original. Similarly if you have lost your private key and you do not have a backup, you cannot decrypt your passwords anymore.

Sadly, you have lost access to the passwords that you have not yet shared. If you have shared your password with somebody you can create a new account and ask them to share your password back with you.

If you can’t remember your passphrase, the best thing to do is to start anew.

I understand, from my point of view as IT, this is a problem I should have in the future a solution to be able to change the password in case of loss, having the private key …

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