Problems with account recovery

Hello friends,
I have the following problem in my organization:
One of the collaborators filled the passbolt with personal passwords, but he forgot his “Passphrase”.
And now, how do I recover this collaborator’s account?

Thank you for any help

Hi @garrett
I had already read this how to…
In other words, is there no way to recover a user’s password if it’s lost?


Assuming you are using the Community Edition of passbolt, no - there is no way. It is a matter of security but obviously a very harsh reality for some along the way.

However, there is a very cool feature in the Pro version that addresses this scenario and more about that is here: Passbolt Help | How to configure Account Recovery

For organizations that are Pro subscribers and who have configured their setup for the “Account Recovery” feature, the good news is the answer is yes, an account recovery is possible if a user’s recovery kit or passphrase is lost.


Thank you for the help @garrett

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