Help with password recovery!


I’ve looked for this information on the forum and haven’t found a solution.

We have just installed Passbolt version 3.7.0 on a Hyper-V VM on an Ubuntu base and after many attempts we were unable to complete the password recovery process.

I will detail the steps:

1 - We click on “Help, I lost my passphrase.”
2 - The user receives an email “Your account recovery, User!”
3 - When clicking on “Start Recovery”, the following message is displayed (Sorry… maybe an administrator can help?
Both the private key and passphrase are required to recover your account. If you do not have access, you can request help to an administrator).
4 - The option “Request Help” is displayed and when we click it, it sends the email again to the user “Your account recovery, User!”
5 - If we add the private key, it asks for the old password to continue.

In short, the only way we could was deleting the user and creating it again.

Has anyone gone through this and could help me?

Thank you all for the attention.

Hi @Suporte Please see No account recovery link

The feature is currently (and maybe confusingly) accessible for users of the Community Edition, but is designed only to be used by users of the Pro version.

The process is reflecting, I believe, that you are a Community Edition user and so in this instance when a user loses their passphrase, it is not possible to recover the account. However, any of the user’s passwords which were shared with other users will still be available to those other users.

If you are a Pro version user, I would encourage you to reach out to for further assistance, thanks!