Community forum upgrade

Hey community members,

:tada: Big News! Get ready for the passbolt community forum makeover! :tada:

Check out this brand new skin for passbolt community forum that will be released on June 15th, 2023. :spiral_calendar:

Here you have a sizzling hot new theme. The categories are the same but might change in the future.

So calling out all the community members! Love it or hate it? :heart_eyes: :nauseated_face:

Share your thoughts on the dazzling new theme in the comment section below. :star2:

:heart: Thank you for your participation. :heart:


Looks so fine! Hoping to see it soon!

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@Termindiego25 Voilà :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

As you’ve seen it, our community forum just got a new makeover. Do you like this new snazzy theme?

But wait, there’s more! Allow us to introduce you to the upcoming plugins that will give you new experiences:

  • Reactions - unleash your emotions and express yourself to a post with new emojis :heart::+1::laughing::open_mouth::clap::confetti_ball::hugs:
  • Gamification - game time! Customise your scores, compete with your friends and get yourself ahead in the leaderboard :medal_sports:
  • Yearly review - take a trip down memory lane with this feature that summarises the previous year’s forum activity :spiral_calendar:

So which of these new features of the forum are you more excited about? Vote below:

  • Reactions :heart::+1::laughing::open_mouth::clap::confetti_ball::hugs:
  • Gamification :medal_sports:
  • Yearly review :spiral_calendar:

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Hi :wave:

Very nice theme :clap:

One comment: we cannot see links inside text.

As an example:

There is a link somewhere in this post, can you see it easily ?

This is what I can see, and the link is shown. I’m not sure why you can’t see it

@Termindiego25 you are likely still on the Dark theme so would need to switch to Pinboard for the updated look. In profile → preferences → interface and then theme:

It looks like this on the updated one:

iOS Discourse app - I can not see the link

Brave desktop browser - I see the times a person has clicked the link

Also on the iOS Discourse app - if I look at the non-code version screen, I can not get back to typing. I need to close and reopen the app for me to edit again.


Sorry I missed your post.

I set the theme to pinboard.

iOS discourse app now shows the number of times a link has been clicked but I am still missing the blue color for the link.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I solved the issue.


Thanks @Vivien :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It works now :+1:

I clicked on the heart to show my love, is it expected the heart is not fully filled?


Yes the heart emoji is the same for me. @Vivien is this intended?

@AnatomicJC Yes, it is expected since it’s a feather icon, I could revert to the previous one if it’s bothering a lot of people. But I know your heart is always filled JC!


With feather, what is the difference between me and others for the heart icon? It appears it should be changed in color, even if not filled style wise. That would be helpful. (Which I’m now seeing it does.)

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It is ok like this for me


@garrett the likes you gave should have a red stroke, the others should remain grey

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I like the actual heart, and I would like to be able to put reactions like fire or laughing soon :joy:


Yes, the reactions are coming soon :rocket:

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There are reactions! Yeah :fire:

Hey everyone,

:rocket: Exciting news!! We’re thrilled to announced the reaction plugin are now enabled :rocket:

Unleash those emotions and put your reaction to any comment or post in the community forum. Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, funny or excited, feel free to express yourself :heart: :sob: :exploding_head: :+1: :fire:

You can either click the like icon or hover around and select the reaction from the reaction picker.

Check out these enabled reactions:

Leave a feedback/reaction below :vulcan_salute: :heart:

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