Congrats on the new forum and a great idea - keep up the great work

Looking forward to a ‘buzz’ around the discussions about Pasbolt and discussing the up coming and future improvements :smile:

All the best all.

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Hey @mannp! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: If you have any suggestions about this space, please do feel free to reach out. We’re always happy for ideas!

Hi @laura, for this space, well only publishing the timeline of features perhaps; the one you have on your website … some way of seeing what is already on your timeline and when 2017/18 etc, as ‘backlog’ is a little vague for some :slight_smile: maybe ‘on timeline’…

Edit: Looks like all the ‘coming soon’ is ‘in progress’ … and backlog is backlog on the roadmap …

I’ve been waiting to import thousands from 1password, as won’t do it manually, but its backlog too.

Looks like a lot of effort has gone into transferring requests from github, but I notice some have ‘like’, some have ‘voting’ and some ideas have nothing … is there a standard way for things to be added to your timeline? (if the team agree of course).

Appreciate there are only so many hours in a day though :grin:

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Yeah, we should standardize the voting procedure somehow. I’ve added myself a to-do. As for the roadmap the team is heads down working through some stuff at the moment, but I’ll try to push the crew to publish understandable plans.

You’re right though, only so many hours in a day!

Not meaning for the team to have any extra work, as I just meant that the published roadmap (linked above) should be in sync with the tags and status used on the forum :slight_smile:

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