Default Password Length (CE)

How do CE admins change the default generated password length?

The general answer to any modification of the extension is to build a custom version and distribute it to the team to install. I’m not aware of another way for things that are hard-coded as you point out.

If it were me I might also modify it so I can be sure the desired version of the extension is being used.

This is actually a secondary question where insight from a team member would be helpful. @remy How does/could the backend know the extension is “approved”.

Maybe this is a related series of commits? PB-18657 Service worker should explicitly used our version of the bro… · passbolt/passbolt_browser_extension@7d556e5 · GitHub

Hello sneaker-net,
Indeed as garret said the only way for the moment is to clone our browser extension
Once downloaded, you will have to do edit the password generator file you provided.
You will have to build the extension with changes you made in order for them to be applied.
What is coming as explained in our password policies will be to set a minimal entropy to your users.

Feel free to let me know if you still have issues.