Disable password for decryption


this may sound a bit stupid, but is it possible to disable the second password - the one to “decrypt” the password?
You need a password to log in and then one to decrypt. Some colleagues “complain” about this, since they have already logged in. I mean I had read once what the second password was for, but can’t find it anymore and don’t know.

What is the second password needed for and can it be disabled?

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I think you mean by second password the private key which encrypts the password. Without this encryption, the password would be unencrypted on the server.

However, you may be referring to what your colleagues are saying is a second request for the same password. Meaning, they log in and then are asked again for it at another stage. In this case there is an option to remember for a certain time or until log out.

I don’t mean the private key but the second password request - which I can also remember with a “Remember until I Logout”.

i must confess that my colleagues told me that the option “remember until i logout” does not work, that it always comes back to the password prompt. I could not adjust this with me AND could not adjust it also with the colleagues. they insisted that this query comes away and wanted to ask therefore once, since I had found no setting options.

@hen Thank you for the clarification.

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