Does DNS name and extenstion mandatory?


  1. Can i use passbolt without any extension using ?
  2. Can i open it by ip? Now it’s a blank page while i try to open in via my LAN by LAN ip, i need to add a record to hosts and open via the DNS name!

Hello @emoxam,

  1. The extension is required to use passbolt. You can learn more about it here: Passbolt Help | Why do I need a browser extension?

  2. It is possible to use passbolt with an IP address (e.g. without domain name). Wether this IP is accessible from other location or devices depends on your network settings. Generally people purchase a domain name with a registrar, setup the DNS records and point the record to your fixed IP address at the hosting provider. You can also choose to use passbolt cloud: which might be more convenient to setup and easier maintain on the long run.