Email images do not appear in Gmail/Web

I do understand there was a similar discussion here:

However the fix described only applies to an installation of Outlook or similar. My issue relates to viewing the email in a browser at gmail.

Was any progress made on converting them to embeded? Is there any alternative. This is a rather annoying wrench in what could be a very smooth deployment.

Thank you.

Hi @rxthexletter I just went through the issues of embedded images vs linked images with another organization last spring and the issue comes down to security measures that most users have in place with their emails clients. Most clients have a “Do not show images” option which then provides a button to “show images” when desired in any particular email. For Gmail: Turn images on or off in Gmail - Computer - Gmail Help

You are describing your problem exists in Gmail - are you saying that there is no way to view the images in the email even when clicking “Display Images”?

I just checked with my Gmail and the settings were set to:

But the email shows:

I am pretty sure this is because the site is not publicly accessible.

That is the exact scenario I am describing. And having that option on doesn’t change it. Even switching it to prompt the user for an action does not change the result.

My next step personally was to edit the options for google image proxy from the admin panel. It says it can take up to 24 hours to complete so I will update accordingly. If this fixes the problem, it will be a useful entry for sure.

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If it ends up working would you mind posting back and sharing the link to what you followed?

When I have my family passbolt users that use my personal mail server the images come through fine. So it’s a Google security thing.

Just a small remark on this, I tried but while it may work for some emails clients it doesn’t for web-based email client such as Gmail…

Good News! I had success with whitelisting the URL in my Google Admin settings! As a warning, the message said “it can take up to 24 hours.” However it actually took a couple days. (I wouldn’t assume Business days mattered, but maybe?)

Here is what I did:

  1. Right-clicked the broken image link, copied it, and pasted into a notepad doc to find out its path.
  2. Removed all of the extra bits added by Google.
    • (For me, I wanted all from passbolt to be allowed, but if you wanted to limit it, you could use the specific URL)
  3. This left me with my base URL path of
  4. In your Google Admin console (at…
  5. Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > End User Access.
  6. On the left, select your top-level organization.
  7. Scroll to the Image URL proxy whitelist section.
  8. Enter image URL proxy whitelist patterns. I again used mine at domain level, but you can be specific
  9. At the bottom, click Save .

More details on whitelisting on Gmail can be found here:

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