Emain notification is on lock state it can't send mail after migration

I created a new helm deployment of passbolt instance on my kubernetes cluster, i backup the old instance maria pod which is this passbolt-mariadb-primary-0 and restore into the new instance passbolt-mariadb-primary-0 just to have all my previous records and settings but each time i do that notification is not sending , i check the email_queue table the state is on lock: 1, we are stuck we can’t migrate our data and the old instance server is not available except the db backup from the pod, how can i resolve this issue, all our data’s are on this backup.

This is what is on the email_queue table when i check the db of the new instance that was restored and notification message is not delivering again.

sent: 0
locked: 1

send_tries: 0
send_at: 2024-04-25 23:30:39
created: 2024-04-25 23:30:39
modified: 2024-04-25 23:30:39
error: NULL

It appears to not be trying to send the email at all so I would suggest checking the pod that is handing the email cronjob. Sometimes we see it where there can be a config issue in the cluster where the pods can’t communicate correctly and then the emails don’t get sent

I check this pod passbolt-depl-srv-58d7d76967-xjlf9 healthcheck, i saw this error

The OpenPGP server key cannot be used to decrypt the SMTP settings stored in database. To fix this problem, you need to configure the SMTP server again. Decryption failed. decrypt failed

And also when i try to send a test email from inside the pod i saw the same error how can i fix this? It is urgent and we are stuck.

Typically this happens when you rotate the server GPG key.

If you have an admin account logged in go to the email server settings page and reset the configuration there. Let me know if that works or not!