Export Passwords


Is there any way to extract the passwords from the Database on the server that i’m using. I’m just setting up a new server in production and didn’t realise setting up the new server would drop my access to the small test server I created initially. The mail setup had not worked and i’m not desperate to fix it on a server that i’m going to decommission shortly.

I just need to get out the passwords that I added to make sure I have a copy of everything.

Is there a way I can view this or does it need to be decrypted?


Hi @tota8784,

I’m not sure what you mean by “new server would drop my access to the small test server I created initially”, do you mean that the previous database has been overridden by the new install? Or do you mean that the web extension is configured for the new domain?

If that’s the later, you can do an account recovery on the old server (your.domain.com/recover), import the user key from the old server, and login / export the data. That is if you can make the email notification work (you can also get the link of the account recovery in the database).

You can also try to access the data using the CLI, if you do not want to reconfigure the extension. GitHub - passbolt/passbolt_cli: Command line interface for passbolt API

If none of that is possible, you can also extract the data directly from the database, but the secret will be encrypted using each user OpenPGP. So you will still need the private key and passphrase from the users.