Can't export password or copy


When i am in my passbolt account i see all my passwords.
When i try to export these and press the export button nothing happens. Seems like there is no link behind the button.

Also exporting a single password doesn’t work.
Copy a password also doesn’t work.

Can someone help me out?

Hello and welcome to the forum @JohanTQ-NL !

Could you give us the versions of Passbolt you are currently using please?

To know them, you can hover over the heart icon on the bottom right of the password list screen.

[Edit]: also if you could tell us what browser you are using as well please, it might help.

Thanks in advance!


Steph, thanks for your reply and help.

I work with version 2.9.0

The browser i use is Google Chrome
Also tried it with Firefox. But issues remain.

I would suggest to upgrade your Passbolt server if it’s possible for you.
The versions 2.x are not supported anymore.

There are procedures available on the help site here

I asked our admin. This is not option apparently.

We do however have a new passbolt server 4.0.2 / 4.0.4

The goals is to get the passwords from the old server to the new one.

Hope there is a solution.

@JohanTQ-NL Yes there is. Whether it’s on the same server or to a different one, the process is a migration and involves the exporting/importing of the db.

Look specifically for instructions for your particular OS. Passbolt Help | Upgrade