Fix Passbolt add-on in form menu positioning

Hello, after reading the post about the new browser plugin update, I wanted to check its operation on several pages and I noticed a problem on the login page to the Kemp portal (self hosted system). The auto-completion icon appears, unfortunately not at the end of the login field, but above and more to the left. Unfortunately, due to this effect, it is not possible to click on the icon. Below is a photo of how it looks like.

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Hi @Lukasz thanks for the report,

Indeed we fixed a bug that will be released next week in 3.4.0.

Stay tuned,


Found lots of info in this blog keep it up, Thanks for sharing.

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Hello, unfortunately the same problem still appears, despite updating to version 3.5.0 when using Kemp’s website the Passbolt icon appears to the left of the login field.