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I am just loading up a new installation of Passbolt Pro with Passwords (both Admin and my personal passwords). There are a few folder left from the two week trial. Is there a way for me as an Administrator to delete these folder or do the users who created them have to do it? What can I do if the users dont remember their passwords? I dont want access to it, they contain bogus passwords only, I want them removed from completely from the database. I assume in the worst case they can be deleted via an SQL Query, can’t they? I have root access to server and database.

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I just found out that all folders are show in passboltdb/folders - even the ones not shown to the admins when editing from the application. This means that I now know that my colleague created a private folder during the trial, an information I should not have. Back to my original question: Can I simpy delete the folder from this table and make it disappear from the database? What happens to the passwords stored in the folder? Are they still associated with the original users?

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From what I know, folders created by users and not shared with other Passbolt users are private, and can’t be deleted by other users, even if they are administrators of the Passbolt instance.

Edit directly the database is usually a bad idea, as there is chances you will break relationship between tables.

To answer your other question, if users don’t remember their password, and if these passwords don’t have been shared with other users, they are lost. Passbolt administrator has to ensure users are aware of this.

To avoid lost of the passphrases, the account recovery feature will be available soon in the PRO version:

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