Group Functionality Removed?

Hey there guys,

Just curious if the password grouping feature has been removed from later versions and if so, why that is the case? Part of the appeal of Passbolt was having a grouping feature to customize the layout of our team password stores. Do I need to change settings or am I just missing something blatantly obvious in the UI?


Hi @zjpiazza, no the group feature is still there. We wouldn’t remove such important feature. Can you show me a picture of what’s missing? Maybe there is an issue with your installation.

I’m talking about grouping passwords not users. I see no way on the dashboard to put multiple passwords into a group.

This is not normal, there should be the groups listed in the left panel indeed. Which version of passbolt are you running? When did it start happening?

Ubuntu 18.04, I followed the documentation on the website. However I noticed that during the setup, it would not allow me to connect with the mariadb service account password I created via the installer, so I used the root credentials. I used the same very easy password to reduce fat fingering risk. Should I do a complete reinstall?

The groups functionality works by assigning users to groups and then associating passwords to groups using the share functionality. Do you have any user group created?

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