HELP! How do I undo the SSL cert?

After installing my wildcard cert and updating the passbolt.php which I had to chmod on because root didn’t have access to the file and updated the fullBaseUr and reloaded nginx Passbolt refused to load, I would get the dark screen but nothing else.

When I re-ran the config to set the SSL cert to none and removed the d URL from fullBaseUr and reloaded nginx I get “not found” from nginx and when I try to load it under https it tries the load the page using the wildcard ssl cert.

Please HELP!

Could you give all of the steps you took so far to install and remove the cert?

Typically chmod isn’t required here so to help we’d need to know everything you did to get to this point

I think I got this figured out Clayton.

The part I am not 100% sure on yet is the fullBaseUr, and if there is a way to get passbolt to redirect to HTTPS?

But after removing the URL from the php file (under the fullbaseur) I was able to get into the Passbolt using HTTPS. The HTTP link just shows “welcome to nignx” now, which is why I would rather it redirect to the HTTPS URL if possble.

I noticed I put the wrong cert in, I used the one from last year which I just updated now to the correct one. So the site doesn’t say not secure but Chrome tells me the the site is not secure becasue of the wildcard SSL (I think).

Our site is internal facing only and our internal DNS had an extra for for the FQDN.

Can you help me with that if its possible to set passbolt to redirect the HTTP to HTTPS?