How can I import an existing GPG key?

Is there a good method for using an existing GPG key instead of using a newly passbolt-generated key?

I think that’s possible to do it by:

  1. Creating new account
  2. Activating account and generating new GPG key
  3. Delete plugin extension and GPG key
  4. Go to Recovery (
  5. Visit the recovery email link
  6. Login to the mysql database and edit the pubkey and fingerprint for your user in the gpgkeys table, to be for your own GPG public key
  7. Import your own GPG key private key

But this seems like an extremely crazy amount of stuff to do? Is there not some way to just choose your own GPG key from the start?

During the setup there is a button to import your key on the key generation step.

Thanks, don’t know how I missed this big “Import” button :slight_smile:

No worries, it’s actually interesting feedback for us! :slight_smile:

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