Stuck at create new GPG key


I am installing Passbolt for the first time on a freshly installed Ubuntu 18.04 system using the instructions at
I cannot complete step 3 of the installation (Server Keys/ Create a new GPG key for your server), whatever I enter results in the message: “The data entered are not correct: The public key cannot be used encrypt; The private key cannot be used to decrypt.”
I reinstalled Ubuntu but am getting the same message.

Any idea why this is?

The nginx error log is empty.
Is there any other information I should post to facilitate troubleshooting?


This step is processed by the browser since v2.7.0.
Can you copy/paste here your browser console output.
Can you give us more information about your browser and version.


I am using Firefox version 65.0.2 (64-bit).
I just tried again with the browser console open and now it worked.

The very first time I tried it did go past step 3 but when I walked away from my computer the session had timed out. Whenever I tried again afterwards it would not go past step 3.

Could this be a cache issue?


This could be due to a difference of time between the server and client. Like the client is producing keys “in the future” and the server does not like it.


The server was using UTC as the time zone, I have now set it to my local time zone (currently one hour later than UTC).
Didn’t realise during the install that setting the time zone was necessary.

Thank you for your help!