How can I specify the email sender's name? (not just from email)

I have Passbolt installed as a Docker container on my Synology NAS.
My question is related to emails which are sent by Passbolt. Email sending is working fine, and I was able to set sender’s email address by the environment variable EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM, but I didn’t find any way to set the name of the sender. What is the proper way to set it? It would be great if I could make Passbolt to send emails with something like “Passbolt” in the “From” section of the emails instead of just a pure email address being there.

Hello @sawwe,

Unfortunately I think it’s not possible to specify the name of the sender using environment variables. However you can (re)define in a passbolt.php file as follow:

return [
// the rest of your passbolt.php goes there

'Email' => [
        'default' => [
            'from' => ['' => 'Passbolt'],

Great, thank you, I’ll do that!

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