Import keepass file with kdbx entries containing undefined fields

Dear all,
I have a trouble with importing keepass file with cyrillic symbols (logins or notes).
Chrome extension version 3.0.5
Passbolt 2.12.0


Folders errors

“name”: “ImportError”,
“message”: “Cannot parse folder”,
“data”: {
“name”: “passbolt export”,
“folder_parent_path”: “”
“sourceError”: {
“stack”: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘trim’ of undefined\n at ResourcesKdbxImportParser.parseResource (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:26569:43)\n at Array.forEach ()\n at ResourcesKdbxImportParser.parseFolder (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:26521:47)\n at ResourcesKdbxImportParser.parseImport (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:26478:10)\n at async ImportResourcesFileController.parseFile (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:5375:5)\n at async ImportResourcesFileController.exec (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:5327:7)\n at async Port. (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:8942:28)”,
“message”: “Cannot read property ‘trim’ of undefined”

@nprotopopov Hi and welcome to the forum!

Are all symbols not working, or some in particular? Can you provide an example with a fake credentials pair?

Dear garrett
here is a keepass file with sample.
pass: test.


@nprotopopov Thanks I’m looking into it.

@nprotopopov What OS are you installed on?

@garret Server is on Ubuntu 18.04. 4

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@nprotopopov We’ve created a ticket and will post back when it’s fixed. Thanks for posting about it.

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@nprotopopov After investigation of the file, it looks like there is a password with the field Notes set to undefined. A fix will come with the next release.

Thank you for the bug report.

Fixed with browser extension v3.0.6