Installation issues rhel8

I’m facing some problems during the installation on a RHEL8.
I’ve solved dependency issues, but the command
dnf install passbolt-pro-server
always try to install a mariadb.
Is it possible to install the server WITHOUT installing a database?
I’ve search the forums and faq’s but didn’t find any solution for this.
We are using only the certified RedHat Repositories, Remi and Epel are part of our internal subscriptions to the satellite server (none of our machines do have access to the internet).
Thx in advance

Hi @SyntaxError :desktop_computer: and welcome to passbolt community forum :slight_smile:

You are right, our RPM package has currently mariadb as dependency, who is not configured and is disabled by default. The mariadb will be enabled and started only if needed by answering to our passbolt-configure script questions.

With the Debian package, you can set required packages dependencies and the optional ones. You are able to install passbolt without mariadb or mysql with the –no-install-recommends flag (link to our documentation).

Unfortunately, this granularity doesn’t exist in RPM world :confused: do you think we should remove this dependency ?

Don’t hesitate if you have further questions.

Hi @_jc
Ty :slight_smile:

I only can speak for my company and we got really strong security permissions.
It is not allowed to:
Access the internet from servers inside a specific network zone
We do have a proxy for such things, but there is the main issue:
Only packages from our satellite server (Redhat Package-Manger for organizations) are allowed, if there are similar packages we have to install. That means, MariaDB MUST come from our repository manager, other sources are forbidden.
Unfortunately we already have a mysql8 cluster installation for testing purposes and I am not able to use it.
The installation just stops after a few seconds and produces a lot of errors 'cause MariaDB installation from passbolt conflicts with our repositories from our repo server.
It stops right at the beginning, no chance to enter the configuration.
I have had to skip the installation of the remi-repo, because…you guess it: Not allowed.
Is there an other installation method beside rpm, perhaps?
I am fully aware, that your support starts to roll their eyes…but, it seems I have no other option.
Thanks for your fast reponse btw, but, you know, linux admin…
P.S.: We are also not allowed to install any other os’s like Ubuntu or Debian.

I’ll going further with my docker tests, but I am not an expert in this. Perhaps I’ll get it to work :wink:

Hi @SyntaxError ,

We can remove the mariadb package dependency in our package and we will probably do it for our next release.

But even with mariadb removed, you will have another problem if you cannot add remi repository. passbolt needs the php gnupg extension who isn’t packaged in redhat packages. That’s why we added the remi-repo dependency.

You can also install passbolt from sources: Passbolt Help | Install passbolt API from source but you will have to install php-gnupg with pecl install gnupg. pecl will download the php-gnupg from PECL :: Package :: gnupg then will build it.
To build the gnupg extension, you need development tools such as gcc installed on your server.

PECL sources and development tools are allowed by your company on production servers ?


Yes, pecl sources are allowed with a little trick, but that doesn’t belong to this thread :wink:
I’ll give it a shot, because I have needed the PECL gnupg extension in an other project on my own :smiley:


Finally got it working with passbolt_api :slight_smile:
Now it says it’s a CE Version, but I already have a key for the PRO, but didn’t find any possibility to upgrade from CE to PRO with passbolt_api.
Is there any convient way to do an upgrade with passbolt_api?
I’v searched along, but the only solution I’ve found is dnf install…



The pro sources repository is located on Bitbucket and you will find the procedure to migrate from CE to PRO here: you will find the procedure here: Passbolt Help | Upgrade Passbolt from CE source install to Pro

Once the repository cloned and composer dependencies installed, you will have to:

Migrate the data:

sudo -H -u nginx /bin/bash -c "/var/www/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt migrate"

Clear the cache:

sudo -H -u nginx /bin/bash -c "/var/www/passbolt/bin/cake cache clear_all"

Don’t hesitate if you have further questions.

Best regards,